A MULTIFACETED TOOL FOR COMPANIES’ GROWTH - AN 8 HOUR COURSE FOR LEADERS AND MANAGERS - delivered by Marco Bertagni according to the needs of you and your team

All aspects of Corporate Storytelling will be examined: from the definition of this methodology to all its positive effects in terms of enhancing the knowledge of internal relations, corporate values, techniques of “reading” the consumers and of how to effectively communicate.

Attendees will answer 5 key-answers: where do we go, who are we talking to, who are we, what do we do, how do we say that? Participants will go through a process of learning how to select a market, how to strategically approach it, how to communicate, both in terms of corporate storytelling and product/service storytelling, how to organize an exhibition and an event in the target market.

Great attention will be paid to cross management culture and verbal and non-verbal communication.

An Emotional Business Export Plan will be produced by all participants, inspired by the River Game EXPORTING EMOTIONS ®

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This course is delivered as a bespoke training for you and your team. To find out more and disccuss options and pricing please email and he will be delighted to get in touch with you.

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