A live and interactive 6 hour course for career progression at any level - delivered by Marco Bertagni & Guity Mohammadi - only available in Italian at this time.

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According to recent and accredited studies, 75% of a person's success at work depends on the mastery of soft skills and only 25% from technical skills. By success we mean the ability to obtain excellent results combined with satisfactory personal and professional fulfillment.

But how can entrepreneurs and managers achieve both results? Which competencies should organizations look at and focus on?

The answer lies in EMME's mission: to lead organizations towards the combination of digital knowledge and skills, through a journey that defines, develops and strengthens the purely humanistic SOFT SKILLS, personal, social, relational skills, applicable in the profession and in private life. Enhancing these skills could make the difference and characterize people beyond their technical skills.

Thanks to the wide experience of its Geographers of Emotions and based on the annual indications of the World Economic Forum, EMME has identified a list of fundamental SOFT SKILLS and designed customized projects in order to enhance them, exactly like tailor-made suits.

During the first meeting, the conductors, an entrepreneur and a coach, will ask company’s managers to map out their emotional vision of the company. They will then work on the needs that will emerge from the detailed analysis of the maps and accordingly define which skills, hard and soft, they might be willing to strengthen and enhance.

The second meeting will therefore be dedicated to enhancing the skills of each participant: this will also help others to raise awareness of the state of the art, needs and solutions to be adopted, and to acquire new skills.

As this course is designed as a bespoke service for the needs of you and your team, please contact to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please complete the checkout below and we will be in touch with you very soon.

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